Website Imagery and Photography

Almost all websites have imagery on them – for many it’s photographs and for others it’s illustrations. There are several reasons why good images are important for your website.

Help Visualise Products or Services

Images can help to visual products or services. For E-Commerce websites having high quality photos of the products is critical to allow users to see in detail what the product looks like. For websites where services are sold, photos or illustrations helps the user to visualise the product – much more easily than by reading lots of text.

Help to Invoke Emotion

Human emotion is a powerful thing and images can evoke this. The psychological impact is important and having the right images can help with success. They can aid with decreasing ‘bounce rate’ (where people leave your website after viewing the first page) by increasing the confidence people have in your business, which encourages them to browse further.

Images also act as an extension of your brand and can match this – whether it’s professional, fun or something else.

Improve Search Engine Ranking (SEO) and Clicks

Website images can also help to improve search engine ranking (SEO). Google algorithm likes pages which humans like – and as humans like images, pages with images can be ranked higher. Having suitable ‘alt text’ (text to describe the image) also helps with this.

With the search engine results, if good images are included this can results in increased click through.

Social Media Use

Images are also powerful on social media posts and result in improved engagement. By having similar quality and style of images on your social media channels and website also helps to reaffirm your branding and professionalism.

Help to Improve Conversions

Ultimately by having good imagery on your website and social media means improved conversions. Improved conversions mean more business, more profit. The cost of obtaining good quality imagery is often well spent as the return on investment is very good.

Why Good Quality is Important

Having good quality imagery is critical. The images need to be professional, high quality, suitable cropped and have mobile compatibility considered. A website with poor quality images will result in a lack of confidence and users leaving your website or not clicking through on social media posts.

Where to Source

There are many ways to source images. For photos, custom photoshoots can be done or for some businesses (such as a large e-commerce website) it can be worth investing in photography equipment to do product photos yourself. Stock photography sites are another popular place to source images. Some of the most popular sites are:

  • Adobe Stock – Has a large variety of quality photos.
  • Shutterstock – Also has a large variety of photos, but a bit more expensive.
  • Deposit Photos – Slightly cheaper, but still has a good collection.

Next Steps

If you have an existing website with poor quality images, it’s worth considering improving this. If your website design is good, then better quality images could be added. Or if your website design is outdated, a fresh new design which incorporates high quality images may be the best plan.

We offer website design, development and care plans. For websites we design, we can arrange custom photoshoots or source images from stock photography sites (such as Adobe Stock or Deposit Photos), depending on requirements.

If you’d like to discuss anything further, please do contact us.