Many business websites have a blog. But sometimes businesses can struggle to write good blog posts and can miss out on the many benefits they have. Learn why blog posts are important and our top tips for writing them.

Why Are Blog Posts Important?

Blog posts are important to both attract new customers and to encourage existing customers to engage more with your business.

For new customers, blog posts can often be found as a result of a Google search or via social media. When a blog post is found, the visitor will read that post and if it has helped them and the website is professional, there is a chance they will then browse other pages and potentially make an enquiry or purchase.

Existing customers like blog posts as they may help to solve problems, come up with new ideas or broaden their knowledge and understanding of something relevant to them.

Blog posts help to demonstrate expertise and increase trust.

How to Come up with Content Ideas?

The key thing with blog posts is to write about topics that are relevant to your target audience. The topic may often be providing the answer / solution to something they are interested in.

A great way to come up with content ideas is to look at the services you offer and consider what queries people may have. Then write a blog post that discusses the query and provides useful information.

Blog posts can also be used to publicise company news or service/product announcements. The important thing is to mix these in with some genuinely useful posts too.

How to Optimise a Blog Post for SEO?

For Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google favours content that is genuinely useful and easy for visitors to read. So, the key thing is to make your blog post well written, well-structured and sufficiently detailed. Use headings as appropriate and utilise bulleted lists and other styling as required. From a word count point of view, try to ensure your posts are at least 400 words long.

How Often to Write Blog Posts?

Try to write blog posts as often as you can, as a minimum once per month, ideally once per week. Visitors to your website are likely to come back and visit again if you often post. Also, from an SEO point of view, Google likes new content and does factor in how often posts are published.

When to Publish?

As opposed to social media, blog post publishing timing is less critical. However, it is best to publish during the working day and if you are going to promote via social media then consider publishing just before you publicise on social media.

How to Promote Them?

One way to promote blog posts, is naturally via SEO. Within days of publishing a blog posts (assuming your website is setup correctly), Google will crawl and some days later your blog post will be indexed and searchable.

Blog posts can also be promoted via social media on your various channels. You may decide to provide a summary (perhaps customised to suit the target audience of the channel you are posting on) and link to the post. You can also repurpose your blog post content in different formats – e.g. summarised for Twitter, or as images for Instagram.