What is Digital Event Branding?

Event branding in general is using a company’s brand at an event – this could be a live / in-person event or equally could be a virtual or hybrid event.

Digital event branding is concerned with the digital / electronic aspects in particular. It doesn’t include on-site / physical or printed branding such as signage, decoration, stands, giveaways or swag. Digital event branding includes the branding of:

Why Is Event Branding and Fully Branded Events Important?

High profile brands have a great brand identity and there are a number of advantages to ensuring that the event is fully branded and compliant.

1. Fully Immerse The Guest

Branding in general can help to give an immersive experience. Guest or attendees would typically use several digital mediums whilst attending an event and branding helps to ensure a coherent brand experience.

2. Part-branded Looks Cheap

Part branded looks cheap! Would a high profile company give out a printed leaflet which had the wrong font or some colours which didn’t completely match the brand? The same applies for the digital side of things and it’s a key reason why fully branded event websites and apps do matter and help to retain trust. Cheap ‘templated’ solutions can work for lower profile brands with very limited budgets, but high profile world-leading brands need fully branded.

3. Consistency With Other Communications

Guests are likely to have interacted with other electronic communications from the brand in the past and expect this to continue with event specific electronic communications. Consistency is key to ensure continuity, a connected user journey and a high level of professionalism.

4. Help Other Stakeholders

Fully branded events can help with other stakeholders – such as sponsors and partner companies. It can help to attract them, portray a complete brand experience and increase the profile of their brands.

5. Leave a Lasting Memory

Finally a fully branded event experience can leave a lasting memory. Attendees will remember how rich and great things looked and this helps to keep the brand in their minds and increase the chance of positive future interactions.

What Brand Elements Are Needed For Digital?

To create a fully branded event several brand elements are needed. These include:

  • Brand guideline – with particular emphasis on digital mediums and ideally examples of how the branding should be applied for emails, websites, apps. The guideline for high profile brands are comprehensive and include logos (and variations), fonts, colour pallets, tone of voice,  imagery styling and more.
  • Potentially sub-brand guideline – this may have some aspects of the main brand tailored towards the specific event such as logo variants or event-specific straplines.
  • Associated Assets – as well as the brand guideline(s) associated assets for digital usage would also need to be supplier such as logos (in vector format), web fonts, illustrations / brand elements, photos, videos and more.

How to Create a Great Branded Event Experience

To create a great branded event experience, all digital elements that an attendee interacts with need to be fully branded.

  • (If used) Fully branded adverts – Social media paid advertising or other PPC to be fully on-brand
  • Branded Email templates – Bespoke and custom created with the brand logo, colours and layout. Don’t forget to ensure that sign-up / preference pages should be branded too.
  • Fully branded event website – Bespoke Event website that fully complies with the brand guideline
  • Fully branded event app – Native Event app that fully complies with the brand guideline
  • Social media accounts / posts – Either specific accounts for the event (typical for larger events) or posts from the primary social accounts that have event-specific branding applied.
  • Check-In or other On-Site Screens – Fully compliant with brand guideline.

Want an Exceptional Event?

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