Historically, if you had a website you just needed hosting – i.e. a server, that powers your website and makes it available to view. However to make the most from your website a support or care plan really can help your business grow.

What Is a WordPress Care Plan?

A WordPress care plan is a specialised website care plan for WordPress websites. They can also be known as maintenance plans or support plans.

The care plan includes several elements to keep your website running and to maintain and improve it. By having a care plan in place, you can focus on your business, whilst your agency or web designer focuses on maintaining and optimising your business website.

What Is Typically Included in a Care Plan?

What is included in a care plan does vary between providers, but typically they include:

  • Hosting & SSL Certificate
    • Care plans usually include hosting and the SSL certificate. This helps to keep things simple and reduce the number of invoices and services you have.
  • WordPress, Plugin and Theme Updates
    • Care plans include updates to WordPress itself (WordPress core), plugins and themes. These may be done weekly or monthly. Weekly is better to ensure your website has good security and remains protected.
  • Backups & Monitoring
    • Backups of your website files and database are included – typically daily. Also, monitoring and checks to ensure your website is up and running, are done.
  • Monthly Report
    • Some provides included a monthly report. This varies between providers and plans – from basic visitor statistics (from Google Analytics data) through to detailed bespoke recommendations.
  • Time for Amends & Optimisations
    • Often a number of minutes or hours of time is included each month. Some companies restrict this to content amends, others are more flexible and allow this time to be spent on improvements and optimisations.

Most companies offer a few different levels of care plans to cater for different sizes of website.

How a Care Plan Can Help My Business Grow?

Having a care plan in place ensures your website is up and running, secure and backed up. Monthly reports can help to give you an ‘at a glance’ view of how your website is improving. Care plans that include time for changes and help can really benefit your business. Above all a care plan helps to provide piece of mind.

What Happens If You Don’t Have a Care Plan in Place?

If you don’t have a care plan in place your website, WordPress itself, along with plugins and themes will become out of date. It may then become vulnerable to problems and attacks from hackers. This may result in parts of your website not working properly or potentially the entire website being inaccessible.

Our WordPress Website Care Plans

If you’ve got a website and feel a care plan would benefit you, do get in touch. We offer a number of care plans and in addition also offer website health reviews.