You may have heard about a website health review and figured out that it is a review of the health of a website! But what does that really mean, what will it show, how will it help and how much does it cost?

What Is a Website Health Review?

A website health review is a review which looks at how your website is performing. It would typically be done if you have a website which isn’t giving the results you want. It may also be done to just get a second opinion. It is sometimes called a website marketing review or website audit.

What Will a Website Review Show?

The review will analyse and report on a number of areas, such as:

  • Design & Usability – Looking at branding, accessibility (things like contrast etc.), calls to action and the user journey.
  • Speed & Security – Checking the performance of the website (how quickly pages load) and security configuration.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Checking how the website is ranking for target keywords
  • Social Media Presence – Seeing what social media channels the website links to and how often posts are done.
  • Competitor comparison – Comparing factors such as speed, SEO with key competitors.

How Will It Help?

The purpose of a review is to highlight areas for improvements. Depending on your arrangements, some of these may be able to be done yourself, others may require the help of your web designer. Once improvements are implemented your website should perform better and generate more enquiries, leads or sales.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are three main types of reviews:

  • Free automated reviews via an online tool – There are a number of online tools which do free automated reviews. The advantage of these is you get instant results, but as they are automated they are less comprehensive and will focus on measures which can be computed automatically.
  • Free reviews from a web agency – Some web design and development companies offer free reviews. These are better as they may be done by real people. However they are usually limited and unlikely to provide details of how to solve any problems found.
  • Paid reviews from a web agency – A step up from the free reviews are paid reviews. These are usually very comprehensive and include details (and/or time) to help fix any problems identified.

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