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SEO & Website Optimisation

Exceptional Search Engine Optimisation and Website Improvements for More Traffic and Conversions

Why F2B Digital

Our team in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, loves improving and optimising websites! Our 20 years of experience includes taking many poorly performing WordPress websites and improving them. The results are better organic search engine ranking, more visitors, leads or orders (for WooCommerce websites).

Website Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Good SEO can really help to drive more organic visitors to your website. We help to improve technical aspects of your on-site SEO (via keyword search, content changes, site structure and meta data amends), as well as giving advice on off-site techniques.

Usability & Design Improvements

We help to improve the design of your website to ensure great usability. This may include changes for accessibility, call to actions. We also make changes to ensure your website displays well on mobile device, both phones and tablets.

Usability Design
Website hosting speed

Speed Optimisation

We can help to improve the speed of your website. This is beneficial for both your users and also for SEO, as Google factor in speed when determining your website ranking.

Security & Compliance Improvements

If you’re worried about security on your website (or have been a victim of a hack), we can help to get your site fixed and protected. We also offer assistance with compliance (including GDPR) to ensure your website is up to standard.

Website Security

FREE GUIDE – 6 Key Focus Points For Website Success

Understand how to evaluate the success of your website, plus tips that will help you make improvements today!

6 Key Focus Points For Website Success

Our Process

1. Review

We begin the process with a review of your website. This may start with a website health review – for e-commerce and more complex websites, the detailed review is recommended.

2. Action Plan

Following the review, we will work to help prioritise areas for improvements and propose an action plan for making changes. In some cases, the best option is to start fresh with a new website.

3. Implementation

We then implement the changes. These are usually addressed as part of an on-going optimisation plan. We offer 3 plans:

  • Basic – Ideal for smaller sites which want some SEO, but have a very limited budget.
  • Growth – Suitable for websites that wish to invest in SEO and see real growth over time.
  • Dominate – For websites that wish to dominate and see results faster.

Depending on needs and priorities, one-off changes are also appropriate for some situations. In addition to SEO, we offer website care plans – which include hosting and keep your website up to date and protected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does SEO take before I will see improvements? 2022-12-03T13:20:13+00:00

This varies for each site, but typically it takes around 4 to 6 months to see improvements. 

How much do your SEO services cost?2023-03-15T08:48:47+00:00

Our SEO packages start from £175 / month for our most basic package 

How do I know if SEO is working? 2022-06-17T08:16:19+00:00

All of our packages provide a monthly report that shows the position of your website for keywords we’re targeting. This also shows the position for your competitors, so we can see how you compare. For some packages we also offer a dashboard, so you can check your positions daily if you wish! 

Can you give some examples of your SEO successes? 2022-06-17T08:16:57+00:00

Our successes include: Making a local retailer (with a very similar name to some competitors) appear #1, improving the average position of a wellness website by over 30% in a competitive niche, making blog posts and other pages on our own website rank well and improving the ranking for an industrial equipment supplier website. 

Do you offer paid advertising or off-site link building? 2022-06-17T08:17:43+00:00

We specialise in on-site SEO. For advanced off-site techniques such as link building / guest blogging etc. or paid / social media advertising, we work with a partner agency who specialise in these services. 

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