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Audits, Analysis and Consultancy for East Anglian Businesses

Website Audits

We offer several different types of website audits. These are typically used when you have an existing website that you have concerns about – such as being slow, has poor search engine optimisation (SEO), to check compliance with regulations or you are worried about security.

For websites that are slow, have poor SEO or generally not performing, we offer a general website audit. This covers a wide number of areas including accessibility, SEO and performance. Our compliance audits include a GDPR audit that focuses on the key aspects that apply to websites. For website security audits we offer two types – ‘Black box’, where we have no access to the website code and utilise external penetration testing tools and manual inspections and ‘White box’, where we have access to the website code and CMS and can analyse this in detail.

Systems Analysis

Our systems analysis service is used when you have complex business requirements that a system can help with to improve efficiency. We review your requirements in detail, talk through and question these with you and propose a potential solution. We consider both bespoke web-based systems (which we can develop) as well as off-the-shelf systems that are typically cloud based. Often a combination of the two work well or several cloud-based systems with appropriate integrations.

Systems Consultancy

The system consultancy service we offer assists with the selection and implementation of a particular system. It may involve some systems analysis initially, or you may have already selected a system. We have expertise to assist with the configuration, training and deployment of several systems including SharePoint online, CRMs and dashboarding solutions such as Klipfolio. As we offer web-based systems development services, this is also sometimes utilised where some specific functionality and/or integration is required that isn’t offered out of the box.

Software Development Consultancy

We also offer software development consultancy, utilising our experience in software and web development. This is typically used for companies who feel they have outdated systems/procedures or want a 3rd party independent audit. Examples of the consultancy we offer including assistance with cloud-based deployment tools (such Azure DevOps) or review of development procedures and processes.

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