Mobile App Design and Development

App Creation for Suffolk and Beyond

Mobile App Design

We design our mobile apps to be both on-brand and to have an intuitive user interface.  As well as mobile designs, we also offer tablet app design for apps that need to work on both mobile and tablet.

Our designs are optimised for how the app is going to be used and on what range of devices it will be deployed.

App Development – Apple and Android

We code our mobile apps utilising the Xamarin cross-platform system – this saves time vs. other approaches as code can be re-used for Apple and Android versions of the app.

We test our apps across simulators and popular real-world devices such as iPhones and the latest Android phones. Apps we develop are available for private testing by the client and we ensure the app store guidelines have been followed to improve acceptance.

Got an idea for a mobile app and want to talk further?

On-Going Support

As with websites, once a mobile app is developed the majority need on-going amends and updates. Most apps are reliant on a cloud services to store data and we provide high quality hosting for this.

Collaborative Working

As mobile app development is specialised skill, we often work together collaboratively with internal teams from larger companies. We work as an extension to your team – adding additional capacity and skills.