Simply-Docs – Special Offer

F2B Digital are proud to recommend Simply-Docs as a supplier of high quality business and legal document templates.

Please find below the Simply-Docs exclusive discount offers for F2B users.

During the one year subscription period, unlimited downloads are available to all the documents in each portfolio of templates and all updates and additions are free.

SubscriptionsStandard PricePromotion CodeSpecial Offer
Business£35.00 + VATF2B9745.S£30.00 + VAT
> 740 documents – for contracting with customers/clients and suppliers.
Corporate£35.00 + VATF2B9745.S£30.00 + VAT
> 720 documents – for finance and managing company secretarial duties.
Employment£35.00 + VATF2B9745.S£30.00 + VAT
> 530 documents – for recruiting, employing and managing staff.
Health & Safety£35.00 + VATF2B9745.S£30.00 + VAT
> 445 documents – for monitoring, controlling and recording H&S at work.
Property£35.00 + VATF2B9745.S£30.00 + VAT
> 690 documents – for landlords of commercial and/or residential property.
Premium Pack£95.00 + VATF2B9745.A£80.00 + VAT
> 2645 documents – Business, Corporate, Employment and Health & Safety
Premium Plus Pack£115.00 + VATF2B9745.P£95.00 + VAT
> 3335 documents – Every document template on Simply-Docs
How to obtain the Offers:

Step 1 – Register
Step 2 – Select Document Folder by clicking on relevant BUY link.
Step 3 – Enter Promotion Code in the field – then click the OK button.

The page will refresh and the price will change to the Special Offer.

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