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Mobile App Development

Exceptional Mobile App Design & Development. Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Why F2B Digital

We design and develop well-engineered mobile apps for leading UK companies. Our Suffolk-based team utilise a cross-platform system to cost effectively produce apps that work on both iOS and Android devices. From £6,000 for a simple app. We’re passionate about developing apps to solve your problem that both look great and are robust.

Mobile App Development

App Design

We design your mobile app to be both on-brand and to have an intuitive user interface. Our designs are optimised for how the app is going to be used and on what range of devices it will be deployed – phone, tablet or both. We consider app store guidelines and ensure the UI complies, to give a great user experience and improve store acceptance.

App Development – iOS and Android

Our experienced developers code your mobile app utilising the Microsoft MAUI (formerly Xamarin) cross-platform system – this saves time compared to other approaches, as code can be re-used for Apple and Android versions of the app. For larger projects, we work using an agile methodology – to handle requirements which change and evolve during development.

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Mobile App Experience

Our experience covers the design & development of mobile and tablet apps across a number of sectors, for local businesses in Suffolk and larger clients in London. This includes apps for transportation, guest check-in & management and hypnotherapy. Types of functionality includes: push notifications, GPS & maps, NFC scanning and in-app purchases. 

Joanne Ryall
“F2B Digital were very professional and efficient in developing my mobile app from start to finish. I have been very impressed with their expertise and support throughout this project and I would highly recommend.”
Joanne Ryall, Hypno Sessions

Our Process To Create Your Exceptional App

1. Feasibility & Discovery

We discuss your idea/requirements and help to detail outline functionality. We propose a high-level approach and provide ballpark costs.

For most apps, the next step is a discovery session – to discuss your mobile app and define the detailed functionality – helping by suggesting ideas and explaining technical jargon. We then create a formal proposal.

2. Design and Development

The design includes wireframe designs, along with detailed designs for key screens.

Development uses modern architecture principles and coding to a high standard – with independent code reviews for quality. We ensure our apps comply with both Apple and Android development guidelines.

3. QA, Testing and Store Submission

We test on simulators and popular real-world devices such as iPhones and the latest Android phones. Apps are also made available for private testing by the client.

We then perform the app store submission and help advise you on launching and publicising your mobile app.

4. On-going Support

Once a mobile app is developed, the majority need on-going amends and updates. We offer mobile app maintenance plans for this.

Most apps are reliant on cloud services to store data and we provide high-quality hosting for this.

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Pricing – How Much Does An App Cost?

The cost to develop a mobile app varies depending on the amount of functionality – the more functionality, the more it costs. The number of platforms and devices to be supported (e.g. Android, iOS, Mobile, Tablet) also affects the cost. As a guide, the design & development cost starts from around £6,000 for a simple app. Many apps also require an accompanying web-based system (often called a ‘portal’) to be developed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you work collaboratively with my internal team?2022-11-12T09:39:47+00:00

Yes, we sometimes work together collaboratively with internal development teams from larger companies. We work as an extension to your team – adding additional capacity and specialised skills.

How long does it take to develop an app?2022-05-23T13:29:05+00:00

The time it takes to design, develop, test and launch a mobile app varies depending on how complex it is. As a rough guide, most apps we develop take between 2 to 6 months.

Should my app be for Android or iOS or both?2022-03-26T11:28:30+00:00

iPhones and Android phones are both very popular, so it’s best to target your app on both platforms. Luckily the technology we use is cross-platform, meaning the same code can be re-used, which saves cost.

I have an existing app, can you take over maintenance?2022-03-26T11:22:29+00:00

If you have an existing app and it’s built using our technology platform (Microsoft Xamarin/Maui) we can take over maintenance. If your app was built with a different technology, it’s unlikely we can take over – depending on the age it may be worth considering getting it redeveloped.

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