For many years, lots of websites have utilised Google Maps. They are most often used to display a map showing where the business is located.

The 2018 Change – API Keys

In 2018 Google implemented a change that required maps displayed via their API (which was the most common method for implementing them) to utilise an ‘API key’. This API key has to be configured in a Google account and must be linked to a valid billing method (e.g. credit card). Although the billing method is required, Google give a generous amount of inclusive usage, which means for most websites the maps remain free. The main disadvantages with the API key are that there a number of steps to go through to set it up and not everybody is happy to provide a billing method.

What Happened to Sites Which Didn’t Get an API Key?

Site which didn’t get an API key will now show an error message where they attempt to display a Google map. This is obviously not great for visitors and if your site shows this, it’s recommended to resolve this as soon as possible.

Alternative Google Map Method Without an API Key

The goods news is that for just displaying a Google map showing your business location, there is a much simpler method to do it, which doesn’t require an API Key! If you’re business has a profile on Google, you can simply view this, click ‘Share’ -> ‘Embed a map’ – this can then easily be used on your website.

Next Steps

If you’ve got a website with a broken Google Map or wish to add a Google Map to your website, we’re happy to assist – please do contact us to discuss further.