Almost all companies in the manufacturing industry have a website. However most websites can be improved to generate more enquiries and leads. We’ve outlined 7 proven ways to generate more leads from your manufacturing company website.

1) Have Clear Call to Actions (CTAs)

It might seem obvious, but having clear call to actions (CTAs) is critical.

Don’t just have a page that details a particular service – ensure you also have a clear call to action of some sort.

Some examples of call to actions are:

  • Make contact to discuss further
  • Request a quote
  • Download a guide or brochure

2) Use Quote Forms

For many manufacturers a form to request a quote can be a great way to get leads.

Quote forms simplify the process for users by making it easy to enter the information – this encourages more users to request quotations.

In addition, quote forms can have complex dependency logic – for example show certain questions based on answers to previous questions. This means the user only has to fill in information relevant to them and don’t have to skip over questions that aren’t applicable.

For complex quotes, multi-page forms are possible. These can help to simplify the submission process by grouping questions into pages.

Quote forms can also be expanded to have custom functionality such as performing calculations relating to measurements or pricing.

3) Enable Online Ordering or Quoting of Products

For certain manufacturers that sell directly to end-users, online ordering or quoting of products can be beneficial.

Online quoting of products allows people to add products to a basket and then submit that basket to request a quote.

Online ordering goes one stage further, by also including functionality to pay for the products.

4) Write Blog Posts

Blog posts can help to generate leads for manufacturers.

Typically blog posts are informational – so they will help searches discover answers to questions. For manufacturers, they could explain how a particular product or technology works.

SEO optimised blog posts can help people to find them via search engines – so bringing new visitors to your website. You can also promote blog posts on your social media channels.

Within the blog post, you can include a call to action or link to another section of your website. This can then help to convert those readers into potential customers.

5) Have a Mailing List

Another way to generate leads via your website is by having a mailing list and doing email marketing.

Within your website, you should have a form (often on a few different pages), that people can submit to join your mailing list.

Then you can send out a newsletter (perhaps weekly or monthly) to then inform the subscribers about your news or products. The emails should include links to your website so people can read more, as well as contact details so people can contact you.

6) Offer Free Consultations

On your website you can offer free consultations – typically via a contact us link or a form.

Free consultations can be used to discuss the manufacturing needs of a potential customer and give you an opportunity to nurture that lead.

To make the booking process nice and simple for your users, you can include an automatic booking system (such as Calendly), so users can select a date and time and directly book the consultation themselves.

7) Show Reviews and Testimonials

A final way to generate leads via your manufacturing website is by showing reviews and testimonials from your customers.

Reviews and testimonials on your website help to increase the confidence and trust of your visitors. This will then increase the likelihood that they will make contact.

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