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We have substantial experience in event websites and apps, particularly for high-profile sports events, having designed and developed websites, web-based systems & mobile apps for the Olympics, Rugby World Cup and FIFA World Cup. This includes London 2012, Tokyo 2020 and now planning solutions for Paris 2024.

The solutions we create are designed to streamline or improve the event efficiency and experience. We specialise in working with event agencies and event planners – UK-based and international.

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Tokyo 2020 Guest Registration Websites

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Websites

A London-based multinational sports marketing agency required us to lead the design and build of websites for corporate sponsors of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The websites were required to allow corporate guests to view information about the hospitality programme they are attending and to register their details and preferences. We were required to design the sites (complying with strict brand guidelines for each sponsor) and once approved to build the websites.

Motorpool Mobile Apps & Web-based System

Working with a London-based multinational sports marketing agency, we led the development of two mobile apps and a web-based system. The mobile apps and system were needed to manage the private transportation of corporate guests and staff attending large sports events, such as the Rugby World Cup and Tokyo 2020. Working in an agile manner, we needed to work with key stakeholders to elicit requirements, then propose and implement solutions.

Transportation Mobile Apps
ITrack NFC Tablet App

iTRACK Tablet App

A London-based multinational sports marketing agency commissioned us to rewrite an existing legacy Android-only tablet app. This was used for handling the check-in of guests as part of corporate hospitality offerings at sports events, including the Olympics. The new app needed to work on both Android and iOS and needed to be more user friendly.

Pulse Web-Based System – Enhancements

A London-based multinational sports marketing agency required assistance with a number of major changes to the ‘itineraries’ functionality of their guest management system ‘Pulse’. This functionality is used to manage the activities for corporate guests attending major sporting events – the functionality included managing guest schedules, transportation, staffing and the creation of various reports.

Pulse Web Based System
Joe Humphreys

“F2B Digital are a much valued partner in the delivery of our digital solutions.”

“We particularly appreciate their ability to turn projects around at short notice whilst maintaining excellent quality of delivery. They have also shown a real willingness to take the time to understand our own infrastructure, processes and ways of working which is much appreciated.”

Joseph Humphreys, The iLUKA Collective

Event Technology Solutions

Our event websites and app experience includes:

  • Event Websites & Event Registration: Websites to provide event information and efficiently capture guest registration details. Fully branded, providing a rich experience for guests to learn about the event and register. Simple one-page sites through to complex multilingual sites with login and 3rd party integration.
  • Event Apps: Fully branded mobile apps to provide event information to guests – such as schedule / itinerary, FAQs, maps, QR codes etc. Bespoke and tailored to your event.
  • Event Transportation: Systems and apps to efficiently manage event transportation in real-time – plus provide a great experience for your guests. Including functionality such as trip scheduling, management and vehicle tracking via GPS. Bespoke for each event to work with your operational procedures.
  • Event Check-In: Apps to efficiently track guests / attendees for events – avoid using paper based lists and keep things safe with contactless technology. Including using barcode scanning or NFC (with optional integration with handheld scanners, such as Socket Mobile).
  • Other Digital Solutions: We can also help with other solutions, including branded email templates, online ticket ballots / competitions and more – we’ve even made an animated screensaver to promote an event!

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