What Is an Event Registration Website?

An event registration website allows people to register for an event. They can used for both traditional face-to-face ‘offline’ events and online ‘virtual’ events. People can use the website to register their details and event organisers can then view this data.

Events That Can Benefit from Online Registration

Many types of events can benefit from online registration including:

  • Corporate Events – Such as an annual conference or shareholder meeting
  • Family Events – Such as a wedding or family gathering
  • Sports Events – From amateur sports matches through to corporate hospitality for the Olympics
  • Tourist Events – Regular and one-off events, including seasonal events
  • Online only – Webinars, training and online conferences

Event Website Functionality

The functionality available on event websites does vary, but they will typically include

  • Account creation/login – Creating an account so you are able to login in the future. For some events an account isn’t mandatory.
  • Event information – Information about the event. This can vary – from a simple paragraph of text through to several pages of information about the event.
  • Signup / Registration form – Form to capture attendee details. This will always include contact details and in many cases other data as well.
  • Confirmation and (often) payments – Specific prompt to confirm details are correct and the attendee will attend. Often (for ticketed events) payment is also taken at this stage.

Some event registration website also include more advanced functionality such as multilingual support and integration with 3rd party systems such as email marketing platforms.

Event Registration Platforms

There are a number of event registration platforms, with the most well-known being Eventbrite. These platforms offer a fixed range of functionality and are usually branded in a very similar way. The event organiser can choose between several plans, with differing functionality available in each.

Bespoke/Custom Event Registration Websites

Bespoke event registration websites are custom designed and built for each event, providing a richer experience for guests with a fully branded website. Functionality can vary and be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each event. Learn more about our event websites.

Event Registration Platform vs Bespoke Event Registration Website

Event registration platforms are more rigid in terms of the functionality offered when compared to a bespoke event registration website, where functionality can be tailored. However an advantage of event registration platforms is that as they are simpler and more fixed, they can be quicker to setup.

Bespoke registration websites offer a significant advantage in that they can be fully custom designed and built – so visually can tie in exactly with the branding of the event or company. In addition the event information can be richer and even have content personalisation so different content is shown to different attendee types.

With bespoke registration websites the functionality can also include integration with other event systems, such as an event app, or your own systems via an API.

Our Experience

We have significant experience in designing and building bespoke event registration websites. This includes websites for guests attending corporate hospitality provided by the sponsors of Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and Winter Games. The majority of the sites were for global brands, where visually rich and highly branded sites were required. We have worked with several of the UK’s leading sports hospitality agencies.

Want an Exceptional Event?

If you’re holding an event and are considering a bespoke event registration website, please learn how we can help or book a consultation to discuss your requirements in more detail. Discover how we can help you to have an exceptional event!