What is An Event App?

Event Apps are mobile apps that are created for attendees / guests of an event to use. They are particularly useful for in-person events, although can also be used for virtual or hybrid events. Event apps are used for a variety of events types, including corporate hospitality for high profile sports events.

10 Top Features

Below we list 10 top features that make a great Event App

1. Fully Branded

To provide the best experience for guests, a fully branded event app is perfect. This helps to provide a quality feel. A fully branded event app does not just mean the event logo shows up, it means all parts of the app comply with the brand guideline for the event or company. This could include logo, fonts, colours and more.

2. Event Information

A key feature for an event app is to have event information. This could include information about the event, the agenda, as well as useful content such as FAQs.

3. Check-In

The ability to utilise an app for check-in is becoming increasingly popular. Particular with Covid and related restrictions, contactless check-ins are best practice. Check-ins can be done by the app generating a unique QR code (for that guest) or be utilising other technology such as NFC.

4. Login

Being able to login to an app provides two benefits. Firstly it stops people who aren’t attending from being able to view information. Secondly it allows for role based content – e.g. VIP guests can be shown different information than regular guests.

5. Push notifications

A great benefit of an event app is that push notifications can be utilised. These can be used to remind guests about the upcoming event or to notify them about changes.

6. Maps/Layouts/Directions

Event apps can also have maps/layouts/directions incorporated into them. This is more environmentally friendly (than printed materials) and also allows other functionality to be used such as showing the users current location.

7. Social Feeds

To ensure that a guest sees the latest information, it’s possible to embed social feeds into the app. For example the latest Tweets can show.

8. Live Video Feed

With hybrid events in particular, a live video can be great. So those who aren’t attending are still able to view the event.

9. Multilingual

With many high profile events catering for different nationalities, having a truly multilingual app can be a significant benefit. Non-native speakers can more comfortable use the app in the language they know best.

10. Contact info and Form

For many events, having contact information and a form can be great for guests. It gives them the opportunity to easily interact with the event staff and get their queries answered.

Want an Exceptional Event?

If you’re holding an event and considering an event app, learn how we can help or book a consultation to discuss your requirements. See how we can help you have an exceptional event!