About Us

We Are Based in Suffolk

What We Do

We specialise in digital software solutions – specifically the design & development of websites, mobile apps and consultancy. We cover the front end (what you see) to the back end (code) – hence the F2B! We also offer consultancy for systems and software development.

We provide both the creative skills and the technical skills to ensure high quality results.

Who We Are

The company was founded by Mark Roper, who has over 20 years’ experience in the world of web and software development, serving at senior and director levels in several companies. As well as our in-house team, we work with a number of specialist associates to provide a wider range of skills than most small companies offer.

We’re based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk with clients in Cambridge, London and beyond.

How We Work

We achieve great results to high quality standards and offer value for money. We do this by investing in R&D to find new technologies and methodologies that help us to work efficiently. We have efficient processes & systems devised from experience. We keep our overheads low by minimising purchases and using remote working extensively.

We are pleased to offer discounts to start-up businesses and charities.

Would you like to learn more about us or discuss a potential project?

Join Us

We’re always keen to hear from people who like to join or help F2B Digital. Whether it’s as a permanent member of the team or from local specialist freelancers. Please do contact us if you’d like the opportunity to discuss opportunities further.