Most business have a website, but having a mobile app can offer additional advantages. You may have requirements to utilise mobile app specific features such as GPS location or custom push notifications – things not available on a website. Alternatively, the app may offer some common aspects with the website and extend with unique functionality and advantages an app can offer.

1. Build Your Brand

A mobile app can help to build your brand recognition and awareness. Simply having an app in the app store and then installed on a device can help increase visibility. Once the app is installed, when person uses their phone they will repeatedly see your icon – even when they scroll past it to use another app. Apps also allow a bespoke user interface (UI) with some effects which are not possible (or very difficult achieve) on a website.

2. Engage With Your Customers

Apps can help you with customer engagement. For retail and consumer businesses, a loyalty programme is an example of a feature a mobile app can offer. This can be fully digital and help to drive repeat purchases or to entice users to try something different. In-app messaging in another example of how you can engage with customers – and of course how they can engage with your business.

3. Offer Personalisation

Mobile apps allow for detailed personalisation. This can allow for direct marketing and for an app to meet the individual needs of a user. Achieving this can be done with in-app personalisation and where suitable push notifications can also be used. In addition, analytics can be gathered to determine what parts of your app are most used and to aid future decisions.

4. Improve Value & Efficiency

An important benefit of a mobile app is that it can improve value & efficiency – both for your business and the user. For the user, the app can allow things to be done quicker, with less clicks. For a business a mobile app can help to automate more things – reducing the number of queries and manual work (e.g. take payment in the mobile app vs. using a card terminal or handling cash). Mobile app also allow feedback to be easily gathered – from simple star ratings to more detailed feedback questionnaires.

5. Competitive Advantage

Finally, having a mobile app can be a competitive advantage. If you have an app and your key competitors don’t, this is a good differentiator which can help a potential customer to choose your business.

Next Steps

If you’re considering a mobile app for your business, please do view our mobile app development services or get in touch for a free consultation to discuss your mobile app.